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For the past six years, I have been in a cocoon and couldn’t understand why. About four or six months ago I came in contact with someone who has not only put me in the path of the right people but has helped me to understand why I am in this rut. I thank Jesus for the guidance that she has placed upon me. Many people don’t think counseling is good for them and I felt the same way at one time. It’s not about people being in your business but it’s about them helping you get to the reason why you are there. I can truly say, now I am so blessed and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to love yourself again. Things happen for a reason and we have to learn by them. The obstacles that was in my life is slowly moving and I am patiently waiting on the blessings that are coming.

Since I’ve been attending the 30-minute Empowerment session by Far Above Rubies, I have been asking for guidance and patience. God has been doing that because I’m not argumentative and I’m able to smile instead.

Knowing that God is my strength, is so amazing and that’s what gives me a piece of mind.

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